terça-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2016

27 de Janeiro | Dia Internacional da Memória das Vitimas do Holocausto

“So for us even the hour of liberty rang out grave and muffled, and filled our souls with joy and yet with a painful sense of shame… and also with anguish, because we felt that this should never happen, that now nothing could ever happen good and pure enough to rub out our past, and that the scars of the outrage would remain within us forever.”

Primo Levi, The Truce

Never, Never Again!

Israel Alfred Glück (1921-2007)
The Death March
From the album My Holocaust, Bergen-Belsen DP Camp, 1945

Hellmut Bachrach-Barée (1898-1969)
Men from KZ Dachau, 1945


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